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Additional Offerings

  1. Sales Training Camps held in designated cities. This event brings the material to the individual markets and personnel. The program can be customized to your needs and be a half day or full day program. A shortened version can also be delivered via webinar or a series of webinars.
  2. Advanced "Top Gun" Sales Management workshops:
    • Twenty Days in the Life of a Sales Manager: You have been associated with a home building firm called Plumbob Construction Company. Recently Bob Plumb has brought in a joint-venture partner with unlimited funds. His goal is to grow to a one hundred million dollar builder in ten years, and he understands that he needs professional sales and marketing management to get there. New to sales management, you will face numerous situations and challenges that call for decision-making at its very best. Your mandate is to double sales the first 18 months and then help drive the company on to the one hundred million dollar mark as it acquries new locations. The next twenty days will be the most challenging and exhilarating you've ever experienced. This workshop packs into two days what a sales manager might experience in twenty days.
    • Train the Trainer: Everything you need to know to become a world class new home sales trainer. The sales manager's training or coaching role is indeed a challenging one. Salespeople come in all different shapes, sizes, genders, attitudes, mentalities, and IQs. Plus, they have different levels of experience that exacerbate the training function. The trainer must be the expert. They must know how to implement state-of-the-art prospecting and smooth sales office bonding of those prospects. Next, they must qualify in-depth, demonstrate the product with credibility, overcome any and all objections, and finally, close professionally and service the post sale follow through to generate a referral sale. And, this must be communicated clearly, concisely, and completely to the troops. The task of the trainer is to raise the level of effectiveness from "order taker" to salesperson. It is no easy task. This two-day workshop will be invaluable to your sales manager.
    • Executive Sales Management: Operational sales management written for the CEO, company president, operations VP, marketing director or trade partners. An in-depth understanding of sales management with processes that work in today's market.
  3. Books, CDs, and publications pertaining to new home sales and marketing. We have selected the best material for use in challenging markets. Check out our resources under the products tab.

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"Thank you for sharing really helpful lessons from your lifetime of tested knowledge. Your enthusiasm, respect and patience made our time with you enjoyable as well as useful. Most of all, thank you for always affirming us. What a great lesson!"

~Peter McGowan, Sales Professional, Calgary, Canada





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