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Sales Management

  1. How to Become a Successful Sales Manager: Sales management is the fulcrum function of the entire new home sales process. Without a properly trained sales manager, the sales ship is rudderless and floundering. There are five reasons sales management is indispensable: organization, talent, training & coaching, motivation, and monitoring the entire operation. Sales managers will learn how to recruit, train, and equip their sales staff for success.
  2. "Top Gun" Sales Management Seminar: This two-day sales management skills seminar has developed operational sales managers across the country and abroad. Sales management will be defined and profiled. Outside influences will be examined. The manager will learn how to create and implement a sales plan. Time management, benchmarks, referral gathering, staffing, training to cutting edge proficiency, spurring the staff to greater heights, how to survey the competition and recruit Realtors to work with you are all topics covered in this intensive two-day seminar.

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"It was a great opportunity to learn from you in your Top Gun sales seminar. Your class is well worth the investment! I am excited to be in new home sales and I am grateful for your contribution to the industry."

~Quint Lears,
National Salesperson
of the Year 2012

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