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About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is to see that every builder, every developer, every sales professional, every sales manager, every executive, manufacturer, and supplier of the housing industry is performing at peak proficiency, delivering an excellent product, and has a customer service reputation second to none. The goal of this vision is to see that every family has the opportunity to buy a new home from the best of the best.

Our Business

New home sales professional and new home sales manager training is our specialty. We have been working with the housing industry for over fifty years and have seen the good times and the bad times. We have developed training processes that cover all times. Whether you are a small volume builder with a small staff or a large builder with staff across the country, we can help you train, motivate, and monitor your staff to peak efficiencies. We can deliver the training in person at your site, via training sessions at our facility, or even on-line with webinars. Our promise is that if you faithfully apply yourself to the training, you WILL improve your bottom line.

Our Experience

Tom Richey, the National Association of Home Builders – Institute of Residential Marketing’s 2006 Legend of Residential Sales & Marketing, has worked tirelessly in the housing industry for over 50 years and offers that experience via on-site and internet sales training 

Richey, a Yale graduate, is founder and president of Richey Resources, Co. He received his graduate Real Estate Certificate from the University of Southern California. He received his honorable discharge as First Lieutenant in the 42nd Field Artillery Group – the U.S. Army’s first unit with atomic weapons capabilities. Tom is a Lifetime Director of NAHB, founding Trustee of the Builder Marketing Society, and co-founder of the first local Sales and Marketing Council – The SMC of Los Angeles, Orange, and Ventura counties. Tom has seen and experienced just about every up and down the market can throw at the industry. He has helped developers of all sizes across the country fine tune their sales and sales management staffs to a higher standard of excellence.

A list of firsts: First national video conference sales rally, originated National Housing Week which began in 1980, developed the nation’s first salesperson’s mystery shopping program, created the annual home builders convention, Super Bowl Sales Rally, the housing industry’s first salespersons awards program, authored numerous manufacturer-driven and lender sponsored programs to assist developers in their marketing, and produced the industry’s first sales management seminar.

Besides being recognized as a Legend, Richey has been awarded the coveted Bill Molster award, the Trina Ripley Excellence in Education award, the NAHB Sales Manager of the Year designation, gold and silver awards for Sherwin-Williams, Owens-Corning Fiberglas, and several developers, and has been Chairman of the National Sales and Marketing Council, NAHB’s Council of Councils, and has served as a Trustee of the Institute of Residential Marketing multiple times.

Tom has written nine resource books for the housing industry and is working on more: The Essential New Home Sales Manager’s Handbook, The Essential New Home Salesperson's Handbook, Home Sales Financing Handbook, Epic Tales of Home Sales, Counselling the Mature Lifestyle Home Buyer, The Sales Power of P.R.O.B.E.$, Finding and Empowering Star Sales People, and Iceberg Marketing Management.

Richey has traveled to 124 countries at latest count, often on a housing assignment. He is a licensed private pilot with a multi-engine rating and a determined classical guitar player and collector. His passions embrace old friends, travel, reading, art collecting, particularly old master prints, and the Kansas City Chiefs football team. He has been quoted in Time Magazine, Money Magazine, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Wall St. Journal, Sports Illustrated, CNN, NFL Films, nationally syndicated columns and numerous housing industry and sports publications.

Who We Are

Our company was founded in 1957 with an eye towards helping the emerging housing industry. We saw a need for sales professional and sales manager training. At the time, the procedure was, "Here's the house, do you want one?" Sales management was non-existent, so Tom started training sales managers with his "Top Gun" Sales Management seminars. Through Richey's efforts, the first salesperson's award was created and the nation's first salesperson mystery shopping program. Richey created the NSMC's Super Bowl Sales Rally and was responsible for pushing through National Housing Week. Richey has created many firsts and is still looking for ways to improve the industry.















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