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Manufacturer Marketing

  1. How Show Pros Profit From Trade Show Marketing:  Participating in a trade show is not fun and games. It is big business! There are over 10,000 trade shows in North America and the majority of the exhibitors have no clue on how to work their booth objectively. In fact, surveys show that over 70% of the exhibitors never follow up on a lead. That's throwing business away! This training exercise will not only prepare you for the show, but teach you how to publicize your booth, draw traffic, and staff the booth with the right personnel.
  2. How to Sell the Builder/Rez Market:  In order to sell to builders, you have to understand the five types of builders and be able to navigate the typical builder organization. The major mistakes and time wasters often made in selling to builders will be detailed. Everything from targeting the right builder, getting the appointment, preparing, presenting, and following up will be covered. You have one opportunity to make a positive impression upon the builder. Make the most of it!
  3. Manufacturer-to-Builder Marketing: Discover how to bridge the gap between the builder and manufacturer and help the builder sell more homes. A marketing and sales driven program with emphasis on selective tenets of opportunity, differentiation, cutting edge selling, and enlightened customer service.

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