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  1. The Essentials of Community and New Homes Counselling: In today's competitive new home selling environment, it is no longer the seller's market it was in earlier years. Now, a new home salesperson must genuinely differentiate in their presentation to stand out from the crowd. Selling a new home is becoming more difficult for the following reasons:
    • International instability
    • Stock market performance
    • Job insecurity
    • Questionable economy
    • More educated consumers
    • Increased competition
    • Internet information
    • More complex housing
    • Extended buying cycles
    • Media negativity
      It is incumbent upon the sales pro that they master the best essentials of salesmanship to "sell against the tide." This all day training session will give the sales pro the basics of how to be the best salesperson they can be.
  2. How to Counsell the 55+ Home Buyer: The fastest growing sector of the housing industry is 55 Plus buyers, yet few sales professionals know the secrets of selling to them. They are indeed sold differently than buyers in the conventional market. The 55 Plus salesperson must counsell and close this super consumer. Surveys show that liking and trusting the salesperson is one of the top three reasons they buy. So the strategy of building a warm relationship over time is critical. The buying cycle is generally longer so patience is a virtue. In order to consistently close sales in this market, an inordinate amount of knowledge, skill, and patience is required. This training session will prepare your pros like no other.
  3. How to Quick-start New Hires and Restart Seasoned Professionals: Many potential home buyers suffer from TMI or too much information. They get confused by conflicting claims and aberrant selling philosophies. Tom Richey sorts it all out and reduces home selling to a simple process of JEI - or just enough information. The participants in this training session will learn little known secrets and techniques to seek out and sell prospects, how to discover FAST the buyers' real reasons to purchase, the magic of one-of-a-kind is revealed with a formula to reach this goal with every interested party, the sales power of Bottom Line closing is explored with a fail-safe formula to make the sales the others miss, and finally, little known facts about how to bring buyers to a commitment quicker and easier with the resultant doubling of income for the selling agent.
  4. How to Sell and Close with Your Financing, A.K.A. Romancing Financing: By every measurement, new home financing is the single biggest knowledge shortfall in the world of new home selling! Salespeople need to know and understand the tools today's financing gives them to differentiate from the competition and close more sales. For example, if your computer crashes, can you perform a tight prequalification worksheet? If faced with a cultural buyer, can you spell out in detail the criteria for non-resident aliens and resident aliens? Can you quote an intelligent  net-net monthly payment after the federal government's tax deductions? Can you explain clearly, concisely, and completely why reducing the contract balance for some buyers might NOT be the way to go? These and countless other knowledge bytes are critical to snaring today's ambivalent buyer. Get on top of the game by mastering this material.
  5. High Rise Sales Training: Selling high rise condominiums is a uniquely different animal. It requires a different set of rules and a different mindset. Above all, the counselling process is focused on lifestyle and the benefits of the good vertical life. We call this selling to the theater of one's mind. High rise counselling embraces the closing mystique which must be executed after a one-of-a-kind has been identified in a singular location in the building. Salespersons who are successful selling high rise, write sales through the sales power of question-based counselling, transactional listening, matching buyers' desires to available property, and then closing with the credibility of the right residence for the right buyer in the right location at the right price and terms at the right time. Watch your profits soar just like your building!

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The Counsellor's Credo

"Whether you buy from me or somebody else, there's information you need to have to make an informed decision."


"Objections are merely stepping stones to the sale."



"If you have one more close than the customer has an objection, you win!"


"Selling begins when the prospect says your price is too high. Closing begins when the prospect asks 'What's your discount?'"


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